The studio offers a comprehensive range of garden and landscape design services including a complete garden design service, design only services, planting advice and planning as well as straight forward edits and restyling. Each of these options can be explored in more detail below.

the complete garden design process

The stages below broadly outline the complete design process for a new garden or landscape design projects. These may vary depending on the scale of the project.

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initial consultation //

In this first meeting we meet on-site - this allows us to get a feeling for the garden being designed and the surrounding area. After an initial exploration of the garden we go on to discuss your requirements and aspirations for your new garden and provide an overview of the garden design process. In the days following this meeting we prepare a detailed design brief for your garden which we will send to you alongside our fee proposal for the work.

Key Output: Design Brief

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site analysis //

Once you have commissioned us we conduct a detailed analysis of your existing garden - exploring soil type and geology, local climate etc. A full topographical site survey is also commissioned to accurately map garden boundaries, level changes, existing trees, service locations etc. This detailed information is needed to facilitate accurate designing and costing of your new garden.

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outline design //

Working from the brief and utilising the information gained from the site survey and analysis, we will prepare a high-level, conceptual outline plan for the garden using design software, produce some rendered impressions and perspectives of those proposals along with a series of mood boards which illustrate how the new garden will look and feel.


Key Output: Outline Garden Design Document: This document includes exploration of the Client Brief // Site Analysis // Design Concept and Proposal // Outline Plan and Elevations // Perspectives // Mood Board // High Level Materials Palette for Garden, Lighting, Furniture // High Level Planting Palettes  

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detailed design //

Once the Outline Design has been approved, fully dimensioned working drawings, specifications and planting plans are developed, against which landscape contractors can prepare quotations.

Key Output: Detailed Garden Design Document // Construction Drawings and Specifications // Planting Plans

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tender //

The Detailed Design Document and associated Construction Drawings and Specifications are issued to several landscape contractors to price.

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build //

A landscape contractor is chosen and the build commences. We can provide project management services for the build if required.

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aftercare //

Once the garden has been completed we can provide maintenance schedules and advice where needed. Additionally we can assist in arranging for the appointment of a professional maintenance team who can help maintain your garden over time.


we also provide

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design only services //

We can provide a simplified garden design service should you wish to build out the garden in your own time.

These schemes tend to follow the steps above but conclude once the Outline Design stage has been completed.


planting design services //

We can design beautiful, natural and atmospheric planting schemes for any of your garden spaces  – fully tailored to your aspirations and the local conditions in your garden.

These schemes will be worked up into detailed & dimensioned planting schedules and plans.

Additionally, if required, we can source and select all of the plant materials required, ensuring you get the best quality, responsibly sourced plants for your requirements.

Planting services can be arranged and managed if required.

We will arrange with you to visit the site in the months after planting to ensure plants are adapting well to the new scheme.


edit and restyling services //

If you love your garden the way it is but simply want to refresh things, we can we can work with you to edit and restyle your space.

We can advise on planting refreshes, new furniture, soft furnishings and other small tweaks that can change the atmosphere of your space without making a massive investment.